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Chinchilla in need of good home! [Jul. 11th, 2006|10:08 pm]
Jax Pet Rescue


Hi there, have you just started a this new community? Perhaps you can help me! I am trying to find a new good home for a neglected butn ot well-cared for chinchilla I rescued. He is sweet and socialable with people, and loves being petted on his head. He loves his run time in the evening and is a blast to watch and play with. He loves playing with my cat too, its hallarious. He is healthy and intelligent, and I would love to keep him and would but I allready have two ferrets, two rats, two cats, a rabbit and some fish - all rescues as well. Thats all I can handle well with school and a job lol. I have allready had two people interested contact me, but they have both seemed to cut contact, so please do not contact me if you are not serious. I can be emailed at farmoonstar@yahoo.com or even called at (304) 384-9168 and am usually awake until around 10 PM. I have a message machine. I really want to find a great mature home for this sweetie!